Comic #039: #All Dogs

Sorry for the few weeks of inactivity. My dog passed away three weeks ago. We had found out back in December that he had cancer. He was doing alright for the most part until the beginning of this month when his health went downhill really fast. He was a very good boy and I’ll never forget the time we had together.

I came up with the idea for this comic a few days afterwards, but needed some time away for a bit. I wasn’t ready, mentally, to sit down and draw. I hope you enjoy the comic, and if you have pets, go and spend some time with them.

Fat Tom and Skinny Tim: New Challenger Approaching Title Page

Last Summer, I wrote a 90-page comic and started sketching the pages. I am very excited to finally start scanning, coloring, and uploading them for the world to see. Here is the cover page to the story. First page will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!
p.s. I will still continue the weekly comic strips/pages (every Monday or Tuesday) that aren’t related to this story. I will be doing both.