Inktober 2019

I did Inktober for the first time last year. I had so much fun with it that I wanted to do it again this year. Of course, I didn’t make everyday, but I managed to do 13 drawings this year. Here is a compilation of all of the drawings I did. For those unfamiliar with Inktober, it’s a daily challenge where you do a daily ink drawing based on the word of the day. Please enjoy my wide array of drawings.

Day 1 – “Ring” – Sonic the Hedgehog
Day 2 – “Mindless” – I like to call this one “Don’t Forget to Follow Your Dreams”
Day 3 – “Bait” – student loans, amirite?
Day 6 – “Husky” – Greater Dog from Undertale
Day 7 – “Enchanted” – Popular Youtube Video “Potion Seller” from Justin Kuritzkes
Day 9 – “Swing” – Ness from Earthbound
Day 12 – “Dragon” – Goku vs. Jiren from Dragon Ball Super
Day 15 – “Legend” – Former WWE wrestler, Spike Dudley (He’s a legend; don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. They are wrong.)
Day 16 – “Wild” – Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberries
Day 17 – “Ornament” – Garfield vs. Jon Arbuckle
Day 21 – “Treasure” – Rich Evans from Red Letter Media (because he is a national treasure) [kinda messed up on this one]
Day 22 – “Ghost” – Johnny B. Dead from Monster by Mistake (because why not?)
Day 28 – “Ride” – Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron riding on a llama.