Fat Tom

Tom is always happy and loves his friends as much as he loves his food. Although he lacks in basic intelligence, wisdom, and common sense, he is the most dependable and loyal friend Tim could ever ask for. They have been best friends since grade school and both live together in a small house.

Skinny Tim

Tim is typical millenial, full of casual existential dread, working a dead-end job to save up for a growing amount of student loan debt. He is very down to Earth and has a very chill and easygoing approach to all problems in life… he likes to avoid confrontation as much as possible.


Steph is the kindest, sweetest person around and full of innocence to a point that it’s just ridiculous, really. She works at the pet store next door to Tim and Terra’s place of employment, and she has an overwhelming love of animals. She is very shy, but opens up to her closest friends. Even still, she and Tim have secret crushes on each other, but neither have the ability to share their feelings.


Terra is booming with spunk and personality. She doesn’t take crap from anybody and is not shy at saying whatever is on her mind. She and best friend, Steph, live across the street from Tom and Tim. She and Tim not only work together at a local fast food chain, but also have a gaming channel online together where they record videos and streams.

More character bios coming soon…

by AuBurn Ink

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